IT Business Partner (Madrid)

The company: our customer is a Spanish multinational based in Madrid, that operates all over the world for more than 60 years and is one of the leading producers of food products. More than 12,000 employees and around 2.000 M€ revenue.

Purpose of the function:

The Business Partner (BP) Make-to Demand (MTD), is accountable for the relationship between the IT organization and the Integrated Operations area within the Company in Europe organization. The BP is accountable for ensuring that the customer requirements are translated into appropriate IT services (business and technical services) and that the customer needs are constantly met.

The execution of this mission must be aligned with strategic guidelines defined by the Demand Management Leadership and the decisions made by the Demand Committee, among others, increasing the level of commonality across Business Units; providing best practice IT solutions in order to improve users satisfaction, reduce operational cost and/or improve business performance and support requirements to adapt to market changes.

Key Responsibilities and tasks:

The BP acts as a main relationship contact for the business community with regard to IT services and works with the customers to understand business objectives, strategies, priorities, initiatives, requirements and budgets and to communicate these to IT management.

The BP agrees with the business and IT teams on new programs/projects and changes to existing services. Agrees the functionality, timescales, resources and budgets at an appropriate level of tolerance and delivers to those commitments.

The BP conducts regular meetings with the business and IT customers to gather feedback on the quality of services, identify the areas for improvement, and work with the business and relevant IT functions to achieve those improvements.

The BP establishes the level of customer satisfaction through regular status reviews and feedbacks, and initiates focused actions to improve the ratings.

The Demand Management Leadership defines, in collaboration with the Business top management, the strategic guidelines where IT will support the business activities. The Demand Management Leadership coordinates with the BPs to ensure that their activity is aligned with these guidelines and with the outcomes of the specific committees coordinating the business demand (e.g. Demand Management Committee).

The main responsibilities of this role are:

  • Identify customer needs and ensure that the IT organization is able to meet these needs with an appropriate set of IT services.
  • Work with the business to capture and define clearly the scope of the customer needs and manage priorities and workloads, in collaboration with IT Delivery Area, to provide reliable expectations about the solution to be delivered and the deadlines.
  • Ensure that customer expectations are aligned, and that the IT organization is able to meet customer’s expectations before agreeing to deliver the service.
  • Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, indicating that the IT organization is meeting the customer’s requirements.
  • Establish and maintain a constructive relationship between the IT organization and the customers based on understanding the customers and their business drivers.
  • Organize meetings (periodical and ad-hoc) with the Business stakeholders to manage new demands, to ensure feasibility of the end-to-end solutions for the business processes and to report the status of the in-progress demands.
  • Check the information required to inform the customers about the degree of compliance for the delivered Projects, Changes and Services, compliance in deadlines, costs and agreed quality criteria.
  • Work with the IT Chief of Staff to define and provide reliable and relevant information about the status of the demands and the performance of IT Services.
  • Attend to the Demand Management Committees as needed, provide the required information and execute the defined actions and decisions.
  • Lead the Project Portfolio management for the Integrated Operations Area, ensuring that the prioritization of projects is aligned with the Company in Europe strategic guidelines and customer needs. This alignment should be reviewed by the Demand Management Leadership periodically.
  • Establish and articulate business requirements for new services or changes to existing services.
  • Identify and analyse patterns of business activity to understand the levels of demand that will be placed on a service. Identify changes to the customer environment that could potentially impact the type, level or utilization of services.
  • Define and analyse user profiles to understand the typical profiles of demand for services from different types of user.
  • Collaborate in the management and delivery of Projects, Changes and Services to the customer according to the defined IT processes and procedures.
  • Help design services to meet the patterns of business activity and to meet business outcomes.
  • Ensure, in collaboration with IT Delivery Area, that adequate resources are available at the appropriate levels of capacity to meet the demand for services, thus maintaining a balance between the cost of the service and the value that it achieves.
  • Anticipate and prevent/manage situations where demand for a service exceeds the capacity to deliver it.
  • Coordinate, in collaboration with IT Delivery teams, the training of end users in the usage of the IT solutions.

Working Experience and knowledge:

  • Minimum of 3 years or relevant experience in the management of demand and the relationship with customers in the IT environment.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in the practical application of management based on processes.
  • Experience in the coordination of work teams.
  • Experience in the creation of reports and data analysis.
  • Experience in the management of budgets.
  • Experience in working with integrated management and reporting systems (e.g.: SAP).
  • Knowledge and experience in Business Processes Modelling.
  • Knowledge of IT internal processes, methods and tools.
  • Knowledge of the IT technical operational environment, technology and systems.

Specific skills:

  • Ability to handle meetings –organizing, chairing, and documenting- and ensuring that actions are followed up.
  • High-level diplomacy and negotiation skills.
  • High-level communication and presentation skills with sufficient capability to interact easily with different roles at the different levels within the organization.
  • Service oriented – able to build relationships and be responsive to customers & stakeholders at appropriate levels while managing expectations.
  • Ability to understand complex requirements and translate them into solution requirements and specific actions, as well as communicate them properly.
  • Management skills and results orientation.
  • Advisory skills with ability to influence in the customers and users.
  • Analytical mind to monitor and analyse metrics produced from the activity and define insights and conclusions.
  • Ability for organization, planning and control of work with little supervision.
  • Ability for decision-making and establishing priorities.
  • Highly adaptable to changing needs and priorities of the organization.
  • Ability to manage conflict.
  • Good (active) listening with high-level of empathy.
  • Training skills in order to coordinate, with IT Delivery teams, the required sessions to instruct and coach business users in the usage of the IT solutions.

Personal Skills Requirements and Job Conditions

Job location: Madrid, European nationality otherwise EU/Spain work permit required as a prerequisite.

Willing to travel when needed.

Education and Training:

  • Bachelor degree (any degree in a related field with TIC environment preferred).
  • Functional knowledge in the Make-to-Demand (MTD) area of responsibility.


Fluent in Spanish and English languages is essential.

Organizational position: Reporting to IT Demand Management Director (located in Madrid).

Employment Type: Permanent Full Time.

Salary: Depending on experience.

If you are interested, apply here or send us an email to including in the subject: ‘IT Business Partner’ along with your CV in English.